AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 42

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 42

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 42
15 December 2016

Kia Ora Whanau

The days are getting warmer as we move into summer time. I am looking forward to holiday time!  Xmas is just around the corner. I hope you are planning to have some well earned rest and relaxation this summertime. I am glad that we are at the end of 2016 as it has brought many challenges for me. I am working with a group of psychotherapists in Hastings now doing romiromi Maori healing, professional development and cultural supervision for practitioners. Please book a session on my booking system here if you would like an appointment.  I am pleased to announce that I have just finished an ebook about the ancient Maori healing wisdom of the Tohuna, one of our most knowledgeable wisdom keepers of Aotearoa. Make great Xmas presents if healing is what you are into.  This is the first ebook of a collection, the rest of which will be coming out next year. All these ebooks focus on healing the self and accessing the wisdom of your own Tohuna within. Next year, we plan on doing four Maori healing workshops at our healing retreats in New Zealand, each of which will be accompanied by one of my books. The first one will be at the Tauhara retreat in Taupo.

The Tauhara retreat has always been a special place for me with the fresh country air and the yummy vegetarian food and they do have meat and wine in their restaurant. The theme of these workshops is ‘Igniting the Divine Spark within’. The workshops are aimed at providing professional development for practitioners, using an Indigenous Maori approach to healing.  It calls upon practitioners who are working with people who are dealing with drug and alcohol addictions, releasing old emotional mamae and transforming the effects of unhealthy relationships into an opportunity to heal our own lives and that of our whanau. This workshop will focus on creating an awareness of accessing the intuitive wisdom of your very own Tohuna within. 

To purchase a copy of my new ebook (PDF format) Te Tohuna Kura Waka: Shares Ancient Maori Healing Wisdom click here:

Te Tohuna Kura Waka

The second workshop focuses on reflecting on how the seeds of wisdom you possess as a Tohuna, mirror the nurturing and healing qualities of Papatuanuku, our mother earth and all her progeny. In traditional Maori healing, we use the many aspects of nature as healing tools. Being at one with the ancient mother energy of the Sun and the Moon means being able to synchronise with mother earth and the waters of the world. By exploring your full spiritual potential, the Tohuna begins to emerge and the divine spark ignites. Using some of the spiritual teachings of traditional Maori romiromi that links us with the spiritual phenomena of nature, helps us to recognise that ordinary people are capable of doing extraordinary healing for ourselves and for others.  

The third workshop looks at the tamawahine and the tamatane; the male and female energies we each possess deep within. In the Maori culture, in order for our Tohuna to work at our full potential of spiritual power, it is vital to grasp the entirety of the divine feminine energies, working in perfect synchronicity with the inherent male energies. Balancing these energies is at the forefront of the healing work of the Tohuna.  Learning how to takutaku (incantations that can clear and protect us), link us into the natural phenomena of Te Oomai Reia romiromi and opens the pathway of the divine spark for miracles to happen in your lives. 

The fourth workshop has a focus on the healing qualities of the Atua Wahine – the divine feminine source of Maori healing. It calls upon the Tohuna rainbow warriors of peace to begin the universal healing of the ancient mother energies in our universe.  Using all the colours of the rainbow within the quartz crystals that sit hidden amongst the earth of the Tauhara retreat, we call upon the spiritual energies of the ancient Lemurians of Polynesia, to heal our ancient mother energies within.  In turn, we raise our consciousness to the divine spark of Hine-nui-te-ra, the great grandmother of the sun, to disintegrate and transmute spiritual negative energies and ignite the healing miracles of the Tohuna within. Watch this space for the next ebook being released in the New Year - Atua Wahine: the divine feminine source of ancient Maori healing Wisdom  

Well whanau, have a wonderful holiday season. While we pause in the holidays to remember our loved ones who have passed, let’s just love the ones we’re with. We have all lived to see another year and for this may we be truly grateful.  Much love and healing to you all. 

Nga mihi aroha,

Na Charlotte

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