AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 43

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 43

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 43
29 August 2017

Kia Ora Whānau

It looks like we are in for an early spring here in sunny Hawkes Bay. With spring in the air, I feel blessed to be alive, listening to the cry of new lambs, the sprouting of new seeds in the garden and the abundance of blossoms everywhere. Tuning into the mandelic sounds of nature is one of the greatest healers for me. After all, we all descend from mother nature and her progeny to make up one big universal whānau (family).

This newsletter will explain why drinking water at the right times and at the right  temperature is very important for healing various diseases.  AIO Healing has moved to a new venue in Hastings, has a new staff member and is offering new Māori healing workshops starting from September.  Keep reading to find out more. My recent trip to Brazil with the Māori Healers was the last time I got to work with our revered Tohunga Ahurewa, Manu Korewha. Read on for more on that story.  There are more specialized Māori Healing workshops planned this year to transform your lives so keep reading whānau.

Drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is ideal because your body uses the water to clean itself.  The Japanese medical society have found that drinking water as a treatment has brought about a 100% cure for headache, body ache, heart system, arthritis, fast heart-beat, epilepsy, excess fatness, bronchitis asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, womb, cancer and menstrual disorders, ear nose and throat diseases. WHEN you drink water though, is the secret to your body being able to use the water to clean itself.

The best times to drink 4 glasses of water are when you first wake up in the morning (before brushing your teeth), an hour before you eat a meal … and/or two hours after you have eaten breakfast, lunch or your evening meal. The only side effect is having to urinate more often. In some cases, frequent urinating can cause light headedness because you are pissing out the salt in your body so simply put a pinch of salt on your tongue to remedy this. The Chinese and Japanese people drink hot tea with their meals ... not cold water. When we drink a cold drink after a meal, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed and slow down your digestion then line the intestines with sludge. So have a hot drink with your meal whānau to wash it down. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

I enjoyed being a part of the whānau at Te Wharetika, a house of counselling, for whānau in Hastings over the last year. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with some of the finest psychotherapists and counsellors in Hawkes Bay. My daughter Kamajane has come to work with me now so we have moved to a new venue at the Tower in Railway Road in Hastings. Kamajane does intuitive healing massage, specific remedial massages, ionic foot detox sessions, full foot treatments and spiritual intuitive clarity card readings. People keep giving me positive feedback that Kamajane is the best they’ve ever had. Click on BOOK NOW on our website to see the services ‘Kamajane’ offers and check out the range of new workshops on offer while you are there by choosing the ‘Classes’ option.

My most recent trip to Brazil last month with the Māori healers, Atarangi Muru, Ngāti Kuri Tohunga (priestess) and Manu Korewha, Ngaapuhi Tohunga Ahurewa (priest of a higher order) was wonderful. Being totally immersed in the richness of the Spanish, French and Portuguese languages at David and Luc’s yoga and reiki retreat in Sao Paolo was a fabulous healing experience. We met so many beautiful people and experienced so much love there. I did not realize that it would be our last trip with Manu Korewha though. In hindsight, I recalled Manu asking me to step up to open our work with takutaku.  Both Atarangi and Manu critiqued my romiromi practice so I had to explain what I was doing and why which was awesome professional development for me. Manu encouraged me to teach waiata and kapa haka this time and lucky our Brazilian whānau were so supportive of me. After ten years of working with the Māori healers, Manu reminded me that I’ve been coming with them long enough to know by now so sometimes we have to JUST DO IT!

At a romiromi wānanga with the Māori healers in Hamilton a few months prior, Manu shared that the late Papa De La Mere had come to get him. Sure enough, within a few weeks of returning to New Zealand, Manu passed away. I am grateful that Manu waited for me to arrive at the Whangarei hospital before he left us. I got the opportunity to meet all his whānau at his tangi at the Omanaia marae. His tangi was rich in Ngaapuhi rituals and packed with people from all over the world not to mention the hangi and the seafood, that was out of this world!

Manu was carried up the hill in Omanaia and laid to rest facing the northern tides.  As a Tohunga Ahurewa healing priest of a higher order, a master in whakapapa (genealogy), taiaha (weaponry), kapa haka (performing arts), romiromi (Māori healing arts), an artist, a poet, a wordsmith, a great storyteller and a philosopher, I acknowledge Manu for sharing his knowledge with all of us and for the profound healing he so freely gave to so many people all around the world.

On our last trip Manu expressed his gratitude to Atarangi for being able to travel overseas all these years because it gave him the opportunity to be who he really was. Manu was such an humble ordinary person (just as our Tohunga are) yet he could channel the most extraordinary metaphysical Māori healing knowledge, at will. He rarely complained and handled the most stressful situations with a grain of salt. One time, when I wanted to go duty free shopping to buy a new handbag in Chile, Manu asked me why, when the yellow plastic Pak n Save bag he held up to me, would do the same thing. I loved our brother Manu dearly. I can still feel his wairua and still see his facial expressions in my minds eye but most importantly, I can hear his voice come through me when I takutaku sometimes. Moe mai ra e te Rangatira … hoki atu koe ki a tātou tipuna Hinenuitepo-o-te-ao, ki Hawaiki nui, Hawaiki roa, Hawaiki pamaomao. Aue … taukiri e!   

One of the things Manu told me was to stop mucking around and to get out there and teach! So as a result, I have designed a series of ten introductory Māori healing workshops with an understanding that sometimes we have to learn how to walk before we can run. I was first introduced to Te Oomai Reia romiromi by the late Hohepa De La Mere in 2003 and now after 14 years of research, I am still working on restructuring my doctoral thesis to validate Indigenous forms of  romiromi Māori healing in New Zealand. My key research findings identified how romiromi is not just a healing technique but rather an everyday part of whānau (family) living.

My ten introductory Māori healing workshops focus on aro - focus, ha - breath which is at the core of healing the whānau (family) using aroha (unconditional love). Loving the self and the concept of being one with everything that exists being some of the most valuable lessons you will learn in these workshops. After this series, the workshops will progress to some of the deeper aspects of the Whatumanawa - the third eye. These workshops can also be used as professional development for your staff to support them in coping with stress and maintaining their holistic wellbeing. As well, cultural supervision is available  to those of you who are working with Māori in counselling, social services, mental health, addictions and in the justice system. Click here to see more information about the workshops and the workshop venue in Hastings.āori-healing-workshops

Atarangi Muru, our beautiful Ngāti Kuri Tohunga (priestess), has a traditional Māori healing Kawa Ariki workshop that will be held in Hawaii in October 7 - 14th 2017. It is an 8 day retreat for women who want to heal the past, present and future by moving the ancestral and historical blocks of pain that are held deep within the body. The physical, emotional and mental release of romiromi that Atarangi teaches allowing the flowering and opening a woman’s body. Click here for more information   The costings are $1800 USD and do not include airfares. Look forward to seeing you in Hawaii whānau.

The Te Rongopae – a clear bright horizon, is a 2 week intensive traditional Māori healing workshop. It is held at the Kawai Purapura Healing retreat from the 23rd November to the 7th December, 2017. This is a unique Māori healing training of romiromi and mirimiri that includes a cultural immersion of bodywork training with spiritual philosophies of Māori healing. The workshop includes time with the Māori elders, shared marae style accommodation, most meals and private tours through the surrounding areas of Auckland city. People flock to these workshops from all over the world. If this touches you somewhere deep within, come, take a stand to heal mother earth and all her progeny by healing yourself with the unconditional love of the international romiromi whānau. Click this link to witness some of the stories from our romiromi whāna. 
The breadth, width and depth of romiromi is such a vast metaphysical vessel that continues to evolve therefore, Atarangi welcomes any of the past Te Rongopae students to attend this workshop. The costings are $3500 NZD before 1 Sept, 2017 as early bird prices and $4200 NZD after Sept 1st 2017. Like Manu said, stop mucking around. It is time to learn and time to teach!

Well whānau, many blessings to you and all your whānau. Have a wonderful day and thank you for being you. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Nga mihi aroha ki a koutou katoa.  Much love to you all. 


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