AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 44

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 44

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 44
24 August 2018

Kia Ora Whānau

This month I will describe some of my personal insights I learned while working overseas with Atarangi Muru ( Access to funded sessions with AIO Healing through the mental health program from Health Hawkes Bay will be discussed. My new work venue at the Health Boutique will be outlined. The new online AIO Healing Romiromi Video Tutorials on Patreon will be showcased. Lastly, there will be a sneak preview of my new book with some links to downloads to past articles that I have written.

Re-submitting my doctoral thesis in February released a huge weight for me on so many levels and as I await examination, I realize how my study has taken its toll on my relationships with my loved ones. After travelling around Europe with Atarangi Muru (Māori healers) for the last 3 ½ months, I returned completely exhausted. It might look glamorous whānau but it’s really hard work and long days of travel in between venues can be incredibly stressful. I had to do lots of spiritual self-care when I got home, for weeks on end. I was so very grateful to the hosts in each country for their kindness and generosity. Nga mihi aroha ki a koutou katoa – much love to you all.

No matter where we went overseas, we found good food and beautiful landscapes. We performed romiromi in different parts of California, Tennessee, Lithuania, Slovenia, London, Miami, New York and Brazil. The main issue that I identified with people of all cultures was not loving the self. The reflection of this for me was to focus on my own wellness and to walk my own talk. At times, I struggled with staying out of judgement of those around me who weren’t walking their talk. Judgements and expectations are real barriers to loving and accepting the self. No matter what age, gender, class or race; honoring, respecting and loving the self can be a real challenge.

As Papa Hohepa De La Mere used to say ‘out of chaos comes clarity’ so I realized that being so far away from my loved ones, magnified these difficult behaviors around me. I kept my focus on my own integrity and started to say NO to things that didn’t serve me or things that took me further away from my higher purpose.  I made a pact to love who I am, appreciating the attributes I have been blessed with instead of focusing on negative behaviors. Deepak Swarup, the host at the Vendanta Spiritual healing retreat at California Hot Springs, taught me a valuable lesson in relationships that ‘when we have expectations of others, we will always be disappointed’. He shared with me that divine love is all about loving the self, deeply within, yet at the same time, allowing the people you love to be happy without expecting anything from them. Letting go of expectations and focusing on my own ‘divine love’ gave me a sense of compassion for others on their healing journey whilst moving through my own personal healing journey at the same time.

On my return home, the reality of Māori healing romiromi not being accepted in my own country, was like a slap in the face. There are so many Māori trapped in the mental health system here who are calling out to have the choice of traditional Māori healing romiromi, mirimiri and rongoā Māori. Even though the negative health status of Māori in mental health is rising and whānau Māori are amongst the highest negative health statistics in the world, the funding criteria at policy level remains the same.

Hawkes Bay Health, a local primary health organization, contracted AIO Healing, to offer whai-ora (people seeking wellness) funded Māori healing sessions through a new mental health program initiative. My profile has 3 Māori healing practitioners offering therapeutic massage, romiromi and mirimiri Māori healing, hypnotherapy and counselling. The profile went out to all the Doctors surgeries, many of whom will probably never understand the holistic concept of Māori healing. In order to access this funding for sessions, whai-ora have to be in the category of light to medium risk in mental health. Medium to heavy risk are drug or alcohol addictions or chronic mental health diseases. The Doctor has to refer the whai-ora to AIO Healing services through the Hawkes Bay Health PHO. Still 6 months later, AIO Healing has not received one referral from the PHO. Seems somewhat tokenistic when these funded sessions are specifically targeted at Māori and Pasifika people. Nevertheless, let’s keep pushing the boundaries for the wellbeing of future generations of Māori. It’s not over till the fat lady sings!

AIO Healing is moving to a new work venue: the Health boutique in Eastbourne Street West in Hastings run by Sharon Awatere who is a Māori ACC accredited Osteopath who also performs acupuncture. With a clinic in Taradale and Hastings, Sharon runs a busy ship with a focus on supporting people in recovery, reducing pain and ultimately improving the quality of their lives. Sharon is also a PhD student who also submitted her thesis earlier this year about the recovery of kaumatua suffering from Osteoarthritis pain. With a big heart, Sharon also offers initial assessments for Osteopathy to Māori for a koha. We are both very excited to have a clinical practice and traditional Māori healing romiromi, mirimiri and rongoā working side by side. Just quietly, I think she needs a good feed of boil up though whānau.

My new Patreon page has online romiromi video tutorials. With a focus on Te Oomai Reia romiromi, real live examples of taa miri, koo miri, mirimiri and romiromi are on this site. You will learn how to access the 3rd eye and will find takutaku, whakapapa, and ancient learnings of our Tohunga Ahurewa (priest/priestess of a higher order).  Learn how to be a channel for the ancestors and open up the body to release unwanted energies and spiritual entities. Spiritual ethics and ideals of maintaining your integrity are a huge priority to keep yourself safe in your romiromi healing practice. There are some special rongoā recipes there as well. For as little as $5 a month, just a little over a dollar a week, you will have access to this online video tool. Click on this link for more information

The title of my new book is He Atua Wāhine (the divine feminine) at the source of ancient Maori healing wisdom in Aotearoa, New Zealand. It shares some real life heartwarming stories about the healing priestess in the community whose lives have reflected the spiritual attributes of the Atua wāhine, as taught to them by their tribal Tohunga. A critical analysis of the invisibility of the knowledge of the Atua Wāhine in academia is disputed by the narratives of these elders and various forms of oral Maori literature. The study challenges colonized stories and children’s books that depict Atua Maori as violent and abusive to women and children. The subliminal effect of these violent themes can unconsciously poison the mental processes and behavior of children. For my previous articles on ‘Maintaining Traditional Maori Knowledge in Early Childhood Education’ click on the link for a free download from the publication ‘‘Toku Ano Ao Māori - My Very Own World’. A link to another article I wrote is entitled ‘Mātauranga Wāhine’ – Māori Women’s knowledge. Hang on to your undies though whānau because my writing is quite political but I speak nothing but truth when it comes to the rights of Māori women and the Early Childhood Education of our children. Anyway, be all that you can be and love all that you are. Ngā mihi aroha e te whānau.

Much love to you all.

Na Charlotte

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