AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 45

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 45

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 45
3 December 2018

Kia Ora Whanau

Hope this finds you all well and excited that the holidays are on their way. I’m going to share the benefits of eating fresh organic vegetables grown in your own garden to avoid ingesting pesticides and herbicides that have heavy metals in them. The ionic foot detox is something new I have added to my list of AIO services to rid the body’s organs of heavy metals, accumulated wastes and toxins. My new book He Atua Wāhine is published now and I have a re-print coming this week for my Tohuna Kura Waka book available to purchase as a gift voucher – the perfect gift for Xmas or get an ionic foot detox gift voucher redeemed at the Health Boutique. By the way whanau, I just love working with Sharon Awatere, a wāhine Māori Osteopath in Hastings.

I love growing vegetables in the summertime. We have planted corn, tomatoes, strawberries, bok choy, choi sum, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, garlic, zucchini, beetroot, snow peas, peas and red capsicums seedlings. We also put some kumara tips in a dish of water and are watching the leaves sprout from them. Click on this link to see how you can grow kumara (sweet potato) in a pot . We even planted our own ginger and some turmeric in a pot  I bought a seaweed fertiliser from Mitre-10 and put some fish that is bagged up for pets from Hawkes Bay Seafoods (about $3 a bag) in a large bin filled up with water. It’s a bit smelly but the vegetables and even the indoor plants love it.

Pesticides and herbicides often contain heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic that are toxic to the human body. Common signs of chronic heavy metal toxicity include - immune issues - passing out - going numb - headaches - achy joints and muscles chronic fatigue - digestive discomfort and feeling sick and throwing up - weakness or tiredness - rashes - constipation and the list goes on. Pesticides are heavily used on most foods that aren’t organic and can be particularly high in breads and processed foods. Most people are unaware that some of the worst toxins we can ingest are put into our foods that we buy at the supermarket. In our home environment, we are ingesting toxins, smog, fungicides, cleaning solvents as well as  additives and preservatives which speeds up the aging process. These heavy metals can contaminate drinking water from old lead pipes or beauty products like eyeliners, eye shadow, blushers, moisturizers, hair dye and even sunscreens. Even significant sources of heavy metals, aluminium and lead are found in deodorants and lipsticks. As mentioned before, pesticides and herbicides can be quite toxic if they have heavy metals. Amalgam dental fillings are up to 50% mercury that vaporizes and enters the body. Your furniture at home, our clothing, our furniture, carpets and seat covers mattresses or couches can have flame retardants so are a source of toxic heavy metals. Not to mention, pharmaceutical drugs and antacids that you buy over the counter that contain aluminium and use heavy metals as binding agents. Some flu vaccines have a mercury base too. Car keys and house keys are also made of lead that is toxic to your body. E-cigarettes have a flavouring chemical called cadmium; a heavy metal that can cause neurological damage, kidney disease and mental disorders. Our air is also polluted with heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury that we breathe in, on a daily basis. Those who live close to highways or traffic inhale lead from car exhaust fumes and nickel from diesel exhaust fumes. Unfortunately, we have been exposed to thousands of heavy metals and toxic substances even from within the womb.

I was first introduced to an ionic foot detox to clean heavy metals a year ago. Each detox resulted in different colours in the water that showed which part of the body was being detoxed. I soon realised that it depended on what I had been eating or ingesting as well. In one detox there were little black flecks (heavy metals) floating in the water and the next one had multi coloured flecks, oil, fatty waste, black gunk and cheesy stuff too. To tell the truth, it was disgusting! I had to wash this thick greasy film off my leg that was at the surface of the water in the foot detox bath. I researched how the ionizing of the water could do this and found a YouTube video that called it a scam proposing that the foot detox could change colour even without your feet in it but in all reality, I discovered this was not true. When I purchased my new ionic foot detox machine, I put the ionizing array in it, added the salt to the water but nothing happened, no colour changes, no heavy metals, nothing which proved the scam claim to be untrue. After a number of emails to the seller, he sent a replacement machine which only changed colours when I put my feet in it providing I put the right amount of sea salt to mix in the water. No doubt you are wondering how does this work?

An Ionic Foot Detox is designed to detoxify and balance your electromagnetic fields which are a combination of invisible electric and magnetic fields of force that are generated by natural phenomena - mainly through the use of electricity. When salt is added to the warm water, sodium and chloride ions float freely in the water. Since an ion has an electrical charge, it can carry electricity through water. This electrolysis process acts like a magnet to negative ions in the body that pulls and draws out toxins, heavy metals and poisons through the pores in your feet. The ions neutralize oppositely charged toxins that are slow to exit the body. All the body's organs, including the intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and the immune system, can become stimulated to work better. Normally, the body will get rid itself of toxins through sweating, urination or defecation. We all need to especially detox our livers and kidneys from toxins because we've absorbed them from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the fluid we have been drinking. When the body eliminates toxins and wastes, swelling, edema or inflammation decreases so the body can repair itself, reducing pain in the muscles and joints. The body continues to detoxify up to 48 hours after the ionic foot detox session as well. The detoxification process balances your electromagnetic fields, removes toxins, decreases pain and inflammation, improves organ function, increases and balances your energy, restores vitality, increases mental clarity, clears your skin, and helps you to build a stronger immune system. I remember I used to have ongoing pain from gout in my big toe but after the foot detox it disappears for up to a month or two so I know it works. The good news is that you can buy one yourself on TradeMe so you can do it in the comfort of your own home or you can come into me and let me do it for you.

My new book He Atua Wāhine at the source of ancient Māori healing wisdom in Aotearoa, New Zealand has just been released on my website and is available in either ebook or printed copies. Remember to register your name and contact details on the website first until you can see your name showing on the right hand side of the home page then you can proceed with your order.

A re-print of the Tohuna Kura Waka booklet that features Dr Rose Pere is ready for Xmas.  For 17 years I travelled out to Waikaremoana for the Matariki celebrations to support Dr Rose Pere and to be with the international healing family from cultures all around the world. At one of those celebrations, someone had come from afar, to present a red rock to Dr Rose Pere. I will never forget seeing Dr Pere stand tall with her Te Wheke rakau (wooden staff with the head of an octopus) to boldly announce ‘I am a Tohuna Kura Waka’. The philosophy of kura waka was particularly relevant to my Masters research ‘The essentialism of the Tohuna’ because at the time, I was designing a kura waka theory for the methodology of my thesis. Each chapter of my Masters thesis was sent to Dr Pere to edit for any changes. Fe Day, a lifetime friend of Dr Pere, also edited my doctoral thesis and gave me the permission to use an unpublished interview she had completed with Dr Pere prior to my study. In this booklet, I acknowledge Dr Pere for her patience and the unconditional love she shared with me and with all the other healers at the healings gatherings in Tuai over the years. I honour her contribution to the healing of our universe and our mother earth Papatūānuku. On page 29 of this book I explained how the spiritual knowledge base of the Tohuna is well sought after by Māori healers in the 21st century. The spiritual foundations that inform the theory of the Tohuna (the sower of the seeds of the ancient knowledge of the mother energies), have shown the fulfilment of the prophecy that was foreseen by Te Kooti who led the revolution for Māori to retain their ancestral land and the freedom to have the spiritual lores of their ancestors. The prophecies of this great prophet, Te Kooti, mapped out the life mission of Dr Pere as a Tohuna. Like Te Kooti, her predecessor, Dr Pere has also identified herself as a Tohuna tipua who possesses supernatural qualities, a reflection of the ancient ones from the spiritual homeland of Hawaiki. The matriarchal principle therefore has returned to its rightful place, to balance the divine male and female principles in the spiritual and physical realms. If you would like to purchase either one or even both of my books as a gift voucher, I can send the GIFT VOUCHER inside the book and post it out before Xmas but kia tere because nek minute … it will be Xmas eve! To order this booklet or my He Atua Wāhine book (102 pages), click on this link .

Wishing you and your whanau a warm and safe holiday season filled with much joy and love. While we remember our loved ones who are no longer with us in the flesh, be assured that they are always with us in spirit. Be kind to everyone you encounter over the holidays because we never know what some people are going through in their lives so share your unconditional love with them whanau. Arohanunui ki a tātou. 

Na Charlotte

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