AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 46

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 46

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 46
21 February 2019

Kia Ora Whānau

Hope this finds you all well and enjoying the summertime. This month, I will share some of the book reviews I have received for my new book He Atua Wāhine at the source of ancient Maori healing wisdom in Aotearoa, New Zealand. As well, there will be some feedback from my Patreon Online Romiromi Video Tutorials page. A new workshop series initiative is ready to roll out this weekend that intends to address the latest ACC statistics of Māori in the Hawkes Bay and Tairawhiti region, who have the highest injury claim rate out of all Maori in New Zealand, with an added increase of wāhine Māori injuries since 2003.
The Hinepuawaitanga Romiromi Māori healing wānanga series focuses on the healing of wāhine as the leading educators, healers and nurturers of the whānau. The late Manu Korewha, Tohuna Ahurewa (healing extraordinaire), told me that in order to heal the whanau, you need to heal the mother, who in turn will heal the entire whanau. For the mothers, grandmothers, aunties, daughters and granddaughters of the local tribes in the Hawkes Bay, Wairoa and Tairawhiti regions, these romiromi wananga offer a range of Maori healing tools to address mamae from addictions, sexual abuse, grief, eating disorders, domestic violence, physical injuries, depression, anxiety, spiritual imbalances, cultural alienation, trauma and spiritual imbalances. The Māori healing facilitators have real life healing experiences to share with our wāhine Maori in this wananga series.  The facilitators are all of Ngati Kahungunu, Ngati Rongomaiwahine and/or Ngati Porou descent: Barbara Niania - psychotherapist/romiromi practitioner,  Charlotte Mildon - contemporary practitioner and teacher of Te Oomai Reia Romiromi as taught by Papa De La Mere, Te Ataarangi Whenua Waaka - Maori healer of Ancient Resonance and Whetu Marama Kire - manager in mental health and renowned matekite channeler.  
The main focus for our wananga team was to support wāhine who want to learn to heal from old mamae using the philosophies and rituals of Romiromi Maori healing. In my own work, I have discovered that the Western health services and counselling have not always work for Maori because it is based on a deficit model of unwellness. On the other hand, Romiromi Maori healing is a way of life that links us with the natural healing resources of Papatuanuku (mother nature) and all her progeny. The findings of my doctoral research identified how normalising Maori healing romiromi can make an immeasurable contribution to the everyday lives of whānau Maori.
Our matekite Whetu Marama Kire channelled this message from our ancient kuia:
‘Hine-puāwai-tanga-o te-Raangi likes to revel and play in the space of Te Whaiao, the place between the world of darkness & the world of light. It is she whom whispers to our hearts to brazenly step out of the confinements of Te Po & dance into the light. But She no longer whispers. She commands, and she has a message for us all.

Kā mai kā mai a mātau ngā Mare-i-kura o te Raangi nei e tū mai rā tū mai rā, tū mai ra. Waahia pai ai i te ra marie te pono e, mauria mai ra, kaha atu i te ao o te puāwaitanga, nōku te wairua mōu te wairua o Papatūānuku, Muriranga-whenua mai ki a Hine-nui Hine-roa Hine mama –o-te rangi e, Ranginui te kakanui o Hineruhi-ara Hine te- Ue -Ue, Hine Pohatu, Hine o Te Pae o Te Rehua e Mauria, wetekina atu i aua pouritanga o te ngākau, pouritanga o te hinengaro, pouritanga o te whakapapa e, kā mai kā mai to Kuia e te Hine-puāwai-tanga e

Wāhine ma, let us gather as one and create a safe space together. Let us be fierce in the face of vulnerability and give ourselves permission to release what no longer serves us. May we laugh, cry, learn, and play while we are rediscovering, recovering and blooming under the plumage of Hinepuāwaitanga’.
Te Puni Kokiri (TPK) are funding these wānanga for wahine who whakapapa to the local tribes, are from the hard to reach communities or low income households and are  serious about doing their own healing. Due to popular demand, a tono has come from wahine in the Wairoa district and Tairawhiti as well so if you are interested in supporting this Hinepuawatanga Romiromi Wananga Series in your area, send me a private message through my website or on the AIO Healing Limited Facebook page.     

My new book He Atua Wāhine was designed to support parents as first teachers, grandparents and teachers of Māori in Early Childhood, Kohanga Reo, Primary, Kura Kaupapa, Secondary education and Te Whare Wānanga in New Zealand. The book presents some of the teachings of some expert Tohunga (priests/priestesses) in the Māori culture who, as toddlers, were taught the spiritual attributes of the Atua Wāhine (divine feminine) amongst the landscapes of nature. It provides real life examples of te ao Māori knowledge that links into Papatūānuku (mother earth) and identifies some of the healing attributes of the Atua Wāhine (the divine feminine). Oral forms of ancient Māori literature challenge contemporary definitions of Atua Māori (Gods and Goddesses) that have over the generations, served to subliminally poison the minds and hearts of vulnerable Māori children. Teaching children about the sustainability of the Atua wāhine by nurturing our mother earth, our waters and our natural environment is vital to the survival of future generations in Aotearoa. A key implication of teachers teaching Māori, is to lead by example, cultivating a heart connection to nature that is fundamental to the healing wisdom of the Atua Māori. Here are some of the book reviews I have received:
Your book is full of amazing documentation of your experiences with other healers teaching ....20+ years of experience and learning. The BLESSINGS of so many tohunga healers who have graced your healing learning and sharing world to learn and add to so many of your wisdom of knowledge culminating in such an auspicious world for today's healers to draw and share from... with so many names you have been blessed to work learn and share with. You are an epic book of experience wisdom & knowledge. Congratulations dear friend.  – Lois Reid
Great read. Learnt some new info … Perspectives ate interesting … Very well done. Tohunga and Tohuna korero was very interesting. I will read it again too. Nga mihi nui. – R. Ferris
I should have got you to sign my book...thoroughly enjoying reading it some places had me in tears from past issues. I didn't realize this until now … I feel I need to share … as a child I was told to shut up and stop telling lies so never spoke of it again until your book of words revealed it again … just an emotional moment thank you...and I am Rangimarie.. – Marie Leef
Your book has been such a healing balm on so many levels. I felt like I’ve been taken into the sea … quite intense … it’s been huge like … I’ve gone down on an emotional journey, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Charlotte.  –TAW Waaka.
Tena koe Charlotte. Nga mihi aroha ki a koe mo to mahi, mo to pūrākau ataahua.
I have just finished reading you book and am inspired to know more about Atua Wāhine. I didn't realize the extent of the patriarchal lens placed over our pūrākau with the underlying message about the degradation of our women. I realize the damage it has created throughout generations and wish to learn of our true divine whakapapa. My son is just over 4 months and I would love him to hear the true pūrākau of his/our beginnings … Aroha Nui

Great read and such a treasure!  What Charlotte Mildon has done here is create not just an academic capture of this culture's deeply rich healing wisdom but collected invaluable reflections from stories passed orally. At times I felt like a child at my grandmother's feet, sitting wide eyed and listening. Just beautiful. Worth reading again and keeping for future generations. – Karen Starr Stainner

Wow what a journey. Reading HE ATUA WAHAHINE was... no, is a journey. At the beginning of this journey you are weaved into the Atua Wāhine stories and whakapapa. Weaving you in and out your senses are awakened mana, belonging and whānau increases so by the end you feel the pain, the loss and the growth ..... knowing you have to stand in a place of your true knowing if not only to honour our Atua wāhine, whom have paved the way for all wāhine. But to shine in our and show the way for whom follows us. Charlotte weaves this journey like a master storyteller, her knowledge and aroha is both evident and strong throughout the journey. Thank you. – Tania Wall.

He Atua Wāhine is an inspiring book that corroborates a lot of my spiritual understanding around the role of women in Maori spirituality. Charlotte's work is such a gift to us wāhine at this time. I have recently added this information as a recommended reading source to The Rise of the Maori Medicine Woman Program that I facilitate. Thank you so much for standing in your power and bringing back the ancient way of Lemuria. Nga mihi mahana ….. – Raukura Kingi-Sayer
HE ATUA WĀHINE is so interesting. God … Goddess, in the Maori world, both female and male Atua. Every page is like a new dawn. Brilliantly written by a Maori author Charlotte Mildon. Kaupa Te Ariki
Charlotte Mildon’s book He Atuaa Wāhine at the source of Ancient Maori Healing Wisdom in Aotearoa New Zealand is direct and illuminating. This book features quotes by various spiritual leaders one of my favourites being Dr Rose Pere. Her words at times made me laugh out loud and at others brought me to tears releasing ancient ancestral grief hidden deep within my subconscious. I found Charlottes use of strong language challenged my social programming. Some statements triggered me causing me to question and reflect habitual mindsets that do not serve me as a Maori Wāhine in 2019. I am grateful for this book and would highly recommend He Atua Wāhine to everyone especially Maori brave enough to face and release some of the limiting mindsets places during the curse of colonisation. Awesome work Charlotte I look forward to reading more of your work. – Kamajane Prentice.
As I open Charlottes book, He Atua Wāhine, my eyes settle upon a message from the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers "We the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers represent a global alliance of prayer, education, and healing for our Mother Earth, all her inhabitants, all the children and for the next seven generations to come. We are deeply concerned with the unprecedented destruction of Mother Earth and the destruction of indigenous ways of life. We believe the teachings of our ancestors will light our way through an uncertain future. We look to further our vision through projects that protect our diverse cultures; lands, medicines, language and ceremonial ways of prayer and through projects that educate and nurture our children." Loving this book thank you Charlotte. It has become an extension of who I am. – Henz Tane. 
The Patreon online romiromi video tutorials page focuses on Te Oomai Reia romiromi with real live examples of taa miri, koo miri, mirimiri and romiromi. There are women on this platform from all around the world, many of whom are romiromi and mirmiri practitioners. Here is some feedback on the Patreon page: 
Kia ora kaare - I cannot thank you enough for this koorero (about working people too hard). You have flipped a switch - validated something since we first met in 2017. I'm not saying that there isn't a place to administer in some cases - very very firm pressure onto a human body but I am saying that more and more - this mindset, that Romiromi is a painful physical release induced by a Romiromi practitioner / bodyworker, is becoming accepted as the norm (when in fact, it isn’t). I really needed to hear you koorero on this tonight - thank you.
Beautiful reminder thank you :-)

This is my first experience of seeing a wrap of any kind. Thank you. I'm quite inspired and excited by the visual results. Something I will incorporate into my practice at some point.
Charlotte, that is so beautiful and clarifying. I too feel that I took on an entity after giving a mirimiri to a woman that was stressed and grieving for the loss of the pepi she had carried. Within that week 3 things happened to me by different but people close to me (work related) that contributed to me feeling like I am pushed down by a cloud (not depression, it is something not of me). I dealt directly with one person and the relationship strengthened and is beautiful. The other two are damaged or in repair still. So learning to not take on others baggage is something for 2019. It feels like a cleansing year - to complete or end things. Your teachings, calm voice and takutaku have been immensely healing. Arohanui e hoa.
Love love love that korero!
Loved this kare. Thanks. So many healers don’t understand and are unwilling to grasp the concept of consent. I have missed coming here. I very much appreciate your posts.
Picking up on the thread here re western mind, how healing work becomes structured business, self promotion and glamour, shadow work is not attended. In my view popular shamanism here in Europe is losing potency as the spirits withdraw for those very reasons. This is gold right here for me also
I have translated those takutaku lines, just need to get the last part memorized! loving the takutaku Charlotte, thanks so much for sharing this beautiful mahi :)
You know - watching and listening to you kare - is healing for me. I am strengthened in my own resolve - and in my own flow of capability and knowingness.
Teenaa koe Charlotte - I appreciate your humility and your integrity and your honesty. It's ought to be the norm - many of us know it is not. I am thanking you for this post because I am quite isolated in the mahi I do - I am not easily liked or favoured because I do not subscribe to "professional Westernised" ways of doing mahi ie 50-60 min appointments - multiple appointments - pseudo power and so on .... You are and have been a breath of fresh air for me via this site…
I am a shamanic practitioner and as yet no experience of Romiromi (which I will be seeking for myself when time allows). I recall wanting to speed up my own healing progress and being told time and time again that my body would release when the time was right. My teachers always said to me force never works but release does. I was waiting for a big dramatic moment and it happened so gently that I didn't realise it until I had felt good for a some while! Repeat sessions in my shamanic healing client work are rare. Your posts have an uncanny way of popping up just when I need to hear and be reminded.
There are some step by step rongoā recipes on the Patreon page as well. For as little as $5 a month, just a little over a dollar a week, you will have access to this online video tool. Click on this link for more information

‘Poipoia te kakano kia puawai: Nurture the seed and it will blossom’

Arohanunui: much love to you all

Na Charlotte

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