AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 49

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 49

AIO Healing Newsletter Issue No. 49
19 June 2020

Kia Ora Whānau 

Trust you are warm and well. Healing seems to be a priority for many at this time. The ‘uncertain times’ on the news provides us with underlying themes of fear and powerlessness yet this unprecedented chaos has also resulted in an unparalleled transformation worldwide. In Hawkes Bay, the farmers have had to deal with the worst drought in over a century as well as deal with the effects of the COVID 19 virus. The many shifts of awareness that came about as a result of the lockdown have come with many challenges especially as we progress into one of the worst global recessions since World War 2 in 1807. 

Many around the world, are still deeply troubled and are feeling traumatized and powerless as some have had to face some of their deepest darkest emotional experiences at the core of their being. It does not matter what culture, class, colour or age that you are. The source of these dis-eases are a result of old emotional experiences that some have held onto for a lifetime. These emotional experiences can cause spiritual imbalances and are at the core of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue to name but a few dis-eases. 

After being mentored by the late Papa De La Mere, a Tohunga Ahurewa (priest of a much higher order), Charlotte learned that the ‘core experience’ sits in the cellular memory of the body. As a result of her training, Charlotte is able to read the body intuitively to bring these old experiences to the surface so you can let them go but the secret is finding the ‘core experience’. 

Papa explained that until you find the core experience, you will continue to create the same theme over and over throughout your lifetime. He likened it to a row of dominos so that once you find the experience at the core and acknowledge it, it is like pushing the first domino which in turn knocks all the rest of the dominos over. Similarly, with healing, once you identify the core experience, the healing will ripple out to wipe out all the issues you have ever endured in your lifetime, all at once! When we come to the realisation that we have been unconsciously resounding to this same theme all our lives, we are able to shift and release a lifetime of physical pain, diseases, emotional trauma, heartache, and spiritual imbalances. 

Now, taking healing to another level, Charlotte has created an opportunity for people to develop their own psychic abilities by linking into their own intuitive healing wisdom. Using video calling platforms, Charlotte meets with you face to face for an online healing session. She can work with you to assess, explore and develop your own intuition using a range of healing tools, rituals and philosophies of traditional Māori healing romiromi. Charlotte also shares bodywork techniques that can open up and release unwanted energies in your body as well as perform takutaku (traditional healing chants) that are specific to you and your healing. All this, in the privacy of your own home. 

Another healing intervention that Charlotte is offering is all day workshops without the added costs of venues and catering. She can either come out to you to do a romiromi workshop or you can come to her in Hawkes Bay. The charge out fee is $500 per day with a limit of 8 people and you will need to self cater. Pease note that travel and accommodation costs are additional if the wānanga is outside of the Hawkes Bay region. 

Charlotte has also started online group sessions using a zoom platform for those who subscribe to the Patreon AIO Healing online video tutorial platform ( ). This Patreon platform is specifically for those who are spiritual healing practitioners and bodyworkers. The platform supports healers of many different cultures around the world and is designed to support and develop practitioners in their healing passion. . If you are interested in having an online group session (limit of 10 participants) for your students or whānau then email Charlotte privately for costs and availability. There is an old saying, give the whānau a fish and they will eat tonight. Teach the whānau how to fish and they will eat for a lifetime. Let’s make healing a way of living rather than just a healing modality to practice when you get unwell. 

Arohanui ki a tātou e te whānau whānui.
Mauri Ora.
Na Charlotte

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