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Gallbladder Cleanse

For a minimum of five nights drink 6 oz. of unfiltered apple juice at bedtime. (Unfiltered apple juice is available at any grocery store).

On the sixth night, mix together 3 oz. of fresh grapefruit juice and 3 oz. of fresh cold-pressed olive oil. Drink this at bedtime, sleep on the right side with a towel under the mouth incase you regurgitate slightly.

Upon rising in the morning, drink one 10 oz. bottle of Magnesium Citrate (a laxative available at any drug store in the laxative section).

This will cleanse the gallbladder of sticky bile and also pass stones with ease.

This may be done twice per year if you want to keep the gallbladder functioning smoothly. Remember to reduce your risk to many degenerative processes by lowering your intake of fats.

[Editor's Note: We have researched many different gallbladder cleanses from various health authors. We feel this one is simple yet very effective, especially for people who get recurring colds.]