Creative Visualization Exercises


Once you have learnt how to meditate, you may choose to use creative visualization as a tool for problem solving or as a means of visualizing what you want to the point of it becoming a reality.


While in a meditative state of mind, you may take any situation that you are having difficulty with and mentally play out the situation using several different solutions.  Once you have chosen the solution that most suits you then creatively visualize it so that you see it, smell it, taste it, hear it and feel it. This is a fascinating and useful skill to learn.


The concept is simple, if you can visualize a personal reality, you can change or bring that reality into being. "Positive Thinking" is a very similar idea. The technique of creative visualization goes beyond positive thinking however. It deals with the premise that we all create our own reality and therefore have the power to change many aspects of that reality.


Creatively visualizing is about sending a positive energy into whatever it is you desire and programming the holistic self to prepare and manifest this in to the physical reality. Affirmations are an important part of creative visualization especially for re-programming negative belief patterns that keep us from moving forward to attain our goals and aspirations.


Astral Traveling


There is still a part of us that can go beyond our physical limits and thus travel outside the body. There are three types of traveling out of the body:

1.      An out of body experience (OBE) or astral travel is when the "spirit" exits the body, still connected to the body, and then returns to the body after a short while. The spirit is still connected to the body by what some say is a "silver cord" attached to the body and to the spirit. This would explain why the body doesn't die when the spirit travels outside.

2.      Many people have reported going out of their body when they have died. Obviously, they returned to the body that was still able to live and report their experience. These are called NDE's or Near Death Experiences. Many people, after having an NDE have changed their ways of life. They live a more peaceful and a much more fulfilling life understanding to some degree what is waiting for them after death.

3.      Another kind of experience can be explained, by some, as reincarnation. The body dies, the spirit exits and comes back in another body. Anyone can have an out of body experience, many people have, but just haven't cared to try and understand it. Here is a simple guide to astral travel.

Astral Traveling Exercise


Find a comfortable room that is quiet and dark. Privacy is best so that you're not disturbed during this. Lie down and relax, take off anything uncomfortable and remove anything that may limit you.


Close your eyes and relax your body and mind. Breathe easy, slowly, and deeply in rhythm.


Try to focus on a single image as you begin to fall asleep. When you reach the state between sleep and wakefulness, deepen your relaxation by concentrating on the blackness beyond your eyelids.


Focus on a point about twelve inches away from your forehead then slowly extend that point to a distance of about five to six feet.


Draw an imaginary line parallel to your body. Focus on that plane.


Imagine vibrations and bring them down into your forehead.


Guide those vibrations down through your body, from your head to your toes and back again.


When you can produce these vibrations on mental command, you are ready to travel.


Remember to imagine a silver umbilical cord coming from your belly button and take it deep in to the earth so that  you are still linked with this physical body and can come back into your body when you are ready. Some people have been disturbed while in this state and have not been able to find their way back into their bodies. Once that is done you may leave the body.


Concentrate on how pleasant it would be to float upward. Concentrate on these relaxed thoughts and your astral body should begin to rise.


To return to the body simply concentrate on rejoining the body and the spirit and follow your silver cord back to your body.



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- Damon Pike

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