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These sessions are for practitioners using romiromi and mirimiri to intuitive diagnose the body, mind, spirit and environment start at 1 hours sessions $60 +GST, 1/2 hour, $100 +GST or 1.5 hour sessions $130+GST.

Explore a range of natural healing tools that are universal, deeply spiritual and simple so you can choose the quality of your own life and make your dreams come true. Please make contact if you would like further documentation to consider cultural supervision for yourself or your staff.

If you would like Professional Development, Charlotte can present an interactive self care Maori healing workshop to your staff at your work venue in Hawkes Bay. Should you live outside of the Hawkes Bay area, please negotiate travel or accommodation with Charlotte.

Please make an appointment well ahead of time or book on the online booking software on the front page of this website on the icon BOOK NOW.


The delivery of Kura Huna professional cultural supervision services has a special focus for managers, staff, support workers and peers in mental health, social work, corrections, psychological services, counsellors, psychotherapists, lecturers, volunteers and those who work with whanau Maori in various communities. The services are for individual supervision and group supervision of up to four staff members in your organisation.

The Kura Huna philosophy affirms that Mana Atuatanga (unique intuitive wisdom) is acknowledged and actively nurtured. The intention of the Kura Huna supervision process is to create an opportunity for kaimahi to explore unconscious self-limiting beliefs, recognising areas to consciously develop the potential of professional practice.

Practitioners are positioned to practice a conscious awareness of the holistic self and others in their own pursuit of effective relationships with whanau and reflective practice that impacts on appropriate interventions for whanau in the community. Raising the unconscious awareness of the influences and underlying principles that inform ones practice in relation to other/s, leads to empowering one to recognise his/her personal potential and authenticity in practice.

Feel free to make contact with me to discuss a proposal for your staff and thank you for taking the opportunity to consider the Kura Huna bi-cultural supervision practices for your organisation.

He aha te mea nui mo te oora?

He Atua. He Atua. He Atua

What is the most important thing for wellbeing?

It is your divine uniqueness.

It is your divine uniqueness.

It is your divine uniqueness

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