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PDF eBOOK: He Atua Wahine

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Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust logo flower    He Atua Wahine is a finalist in this year’s
Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards’ Book category.


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Book by Charlotte Mildon

As part of Charlotte's masters research, renowned traditional Tohunga (healing priests and priestesses) and Tohuna (sowers of the seeds of wisdom) in Aotearoa New Zealand, shared how they were taught the spiritual attributes of the Atua wāhine (divine feminine).

Amongst their own natural landscapes, these elders read the signs of nature with a special way of knowing how to use the intuitive wisdom of the Atua wāhine. It was about leading by example, cultivating a heart connection to nature as key to healing wisdom.

Oral forms of Māori literature challenge contemporary definitions of the Atua Māori (Gods and Goddesses) that have poisoned the minds of vulnerable Māori children for generations. The authority imbued from the Atua is upheld to sustain all families, Papatūānuku (mother earth), our waters and the natural environment that our mokopuna (grandchildren) will one day inherit.

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