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Charlotte Mildon was taught the philosophies and rituals of traditional Maori healing Te Oomai Reia romiromi – the divine vibrations of healing by the late Papa Hohepa De La Mere, Whaanau-Apa-nui Tohunga Ahurewa (a priest of a higher order) over the year of 2003. Since then, Charlotte was mentored by Tohunga and Tohunga Ahurewa for over 17 years until she became fluent in the many lores and ethics of romiromi Māori healing. Charlotte continues to work in Hawkes Bay beside Sharon Awatere, an osteopath, at the Health Boutique in Hastings. Although Charlotte's specialty is in mental health, she also works to find the core emotional experience in people suffering from chronic pain, emotional breakdowns, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, terminal dis-eases, and grief.  With over 30 years of experience in healing bodywork, Charlotte uses passive stretching, pressure to master points with greenstones, crystals and rakau (wood) along the energy lines, gently rocking to increase flexibility, relieve joint tension, muscle pain and release emotional pain from the energy system of the body.  Charlotte can also recommend the right health supplements and rongoa (natural medicine) that can boost your support immune system and heal the organs to improve the functions of the body's organs. A change in diet and hydration together with natural medicines can relieve inflammation, feed the bones and clean the organs. If you know you need a kick start to get yourself working at optimum levels again, make an appointment with Charlotte. Click on the Testimonials page for feedback about Charlotte's work. 
Mirimiri is an ancient Māori healing modality that uses spiritual healing energy and intuitive diagnosis to manipulate those emotional experiences that are trapped in the memory of your body. It is the emotional experiences that cause dis-ease and unwellness. Gentle bodywork like mirimiri can have positive effects on the mind, body and spirit resulting in the uncluttering of the mind, the relaxation of the muscles, the release emotional anxiety and relief of aches and pains.  
Romiromi is a deep Māori healing art that can bring about life changing shifts in just one session. It uses mirimiri (spiritual manipulation of energy), taa miri (intuitive diagnosis), ancient takutaku (incantations that shift the energy in the body ) and romiromi to let go of old patterns, beliefs, trauma, painful memories and unresolved grief held deep in the cellular memory of the body.This ancient Māori healing process releases, re-balances and restores you to your orginal blueprint of holistic wellbeing. Kohatu - (greenstone), rakau (wood), crystals, wai (water) and ancient healing chants are used in the romiromi healing process.  For information about traditional Maori healing Mirimiri and Romiromi sessions, please click on 'Te Oomai Reia'
The IONIC FOOT Detox Spa Cleanse
When the body eliminates toxins and wastes, swelling, edema or inflammation decreases so the body can repair itself, reducing pain in the muscles and joints. The body continues to detoxify up to 48 hours after the ionic foot detox session as well. The detoxification process balances your electromagnetic fields, removes toxins, decreases pain and inflammation, improves organ function, balances and gives you more energy, restores vitality, increases mental clarity, clears your skin, and helps you to build a stronger immune system. The Foot Detox Spa is $40 which will take approximately 35 mins. Add $10 and 10 mins if you would like a foot massage as well after your foot detox. This foot detox spa can improve:
  • Liver and kidney function
  •  General circulation and metabolism
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sore feet and skin problems
  • Mercury and heavy metal toxicity
  • Well being and balance of the whole body
  • Menstrual Pain
For that unique present for a family member purchase a 'gift for you' voucher for that special present that shows how much you care.  
If you are in the low income bracket or receive a disability allowance for beneficiaries, please make contact with Charlotte directly to see if you qualify for a community session.  
A Patreon page offers online video tutorials with  real life examples of  taa miri, koo miri, mirimiri and romiromi. Link into the third eye and have access to takutaku that show the whakapapa of some of the divine feminine. Be a channel for the ancestral healing and learn some of the spiritual ethics to keep you safe in your healing work. For as little as $5 USD per month, a little over $1 NZD a week, you will have access to learning about Te Oomai Reia romiromi via Paypal. Click on this link to see more information:


Cultural supervision has a focus on managers, staff, support workers and peers in mental health, social work, corrections, psychological services, counsellors, psychotherapists, lecturers, volunteers and those who work with whanau Maori in various communities. These services are for individual supervision using romiromi and mirimiri to intuitive diagnose the body, mind, spirit and environment. These sessions are 1.5 hour sessions.

Practitioners are supported to practice a conscious awareness of the holistic self in their own pursuit of effective relationships with whanau and reflective practice that impacts on appropriate interventions in the community. Raising the unconscious awareness of the influences and underlying principles that inform ones practice in relation to other/s, leads to recognising your own personal potential and authenticity in practice.

Explore a range of natural healing tools that are universal, deeply spiritual and simple so you can choose the quality of your own personal and professional practice. 

Please make an appointment well ahead of time or book on the online booking software on the front page of this website on the icon BOOK NOW.

Nga mihi mahana (warm greetings) - Charlotte Mildon  

For information about traditional Maori healing sessions, please click on 'Te Oomai Reia'. 


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