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BA Mātauranga Māori  - Masters in Indigenous Studies (1st class Hons) - PhD in Philosophy (pending examination) - Reiki 2nd degree - Dip. Cultural Bodywork                            Life time student of the late Hohepa De La Mere - Tohunga Ahurewa

Charlotte Mildon has been working in the discipline of Traditional Māori healing for the last 30 years. She lives in the Hawkes Bay region but has travelled far and wide in her work. As a descendant of the Waka Tapu o Takitimu, Charlotte's tribes are Ngati Rongomaiwahine, Kahungunu, Hinemanuhiri and Ngati Porou. Charlotte is an ACC accredited vendor so can offer funded sessions for injuries both physical injuries, serious injuries or mental and senstive claims.

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Māori healing work is life changing for those seeking wellness. Charlotte works the body and the spirit using romiromi to explore what core experience you are resounding to so you can heal your life and take back your power.  Many people are living in 'automatic pilot'  unconsciously creating the same theme all their lives and are so unaware that the 'core experience' is working against them instead of working for them. 

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Within just a few online healing sessions or romiromi sessions, you will be more aware of your own natural healing abilities without years of training, without attending ongoing workshops for years, without years of counselling sessions, and without Drs prescriptive medications.  

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Charlotte can also help you become aware of your own healing powers and psychic abilities 

1. Become the spiritual healer of your own body and your own destiny     

2. Develop your psychic powers

3. Find the core experience that unlocks the potential of your healing powers  

4. Learn these healing techniques in your own home

5. Learn to make the Rongoā Māori (natural medicines and healing with nature) that you need

6. Experience the deep spiritual healing bodywork of ROMIROMI ( opens and releases old memories held in the body)

7. Explore the intuitive diagnosis of MIRIMIRI (shifting unwanted energy from the body) to change the direction of your life.     


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Charlotte's latest book that was a finalist in the Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards which featured a number of Tohunga (priests/Priestesses) who shared their experiences and philosophies of the feminine lores of traditional Māori healing.  

                        'He Atua Wahine at the source of ancient Māori healing wisdom in Aotearoa, New Zealand'




Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards

Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust logo flower    Our book, He Atua Wahine, was a finalist in the 2019
Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards’ Book category.