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I dont want to sound like a groupie but I feel like I am now bc my life has changed so much and I diddnt see it until my kids son n nieces were pointing out how much Ive changed. I'm less whiney, more shiny, less dark, more transparent. I'm like, oh really. Yeh yes I am those things and more and my past journal entries confirm it. I am improved. And I have you to thank so much for pulling me out of the wilderness and into the light. I owe you so much Charlotte. You are the best thing to happen to me.
Thank you.
– Wiki, Napier


Here are some comments about my work in romiromi, online healing sessions, wananga and cultural supervision:

I had been complaining of pain in my stomach for 17 years after the birth of her son. On Tramadol and Morphine. Booked in for colonoscopy to check for cancer as bleeding existed. A spiritual diagnosis showed abuse at the core when younger so bought that to the surface to identify underlying unforgiveness. Consultation with Tohunga showed that there was still afterbirth in the womb which was causing the bleeding and the pain as it is toxic.  3 weeks later, no pain. No medications. Bleeding has stopped. I have had to learn how to care for myself as you were right, I look after everybody else, so I don’t have to care for myself.  After you told me I was addicted to the Tramadol and Morphine Charlotte, I stopped it straight away but felt sick. Didn’t know I was addicted to it. I am off it now though.  After all this mahi, I stopped bleeding and after 17 years of pain, now I have NO pain!


The personal positive outcomes after attendance are invaluable!!! I had hit rock bottom, my life felt as though it was crumbling around me and I was overwhelmed, sad & scared- I have now learnt new tools to help me on those days that are not so great, I am now able to access a part of myself that I thought was closed, I can now comfortably and confidently look at situations/experiences through a different lens in which I am grateful for all life experiences as every experience has had some form of learning that has helped me, the key was too "honestly" look at the experience. I now feel more confident, happy, safe, strong, at peace and truly starting to love myself  

Charlotte, you are a fantastic facilitator, there was not a minute when I thought aue- this is "boring" you were able to completely capture my attention with your style of presenting, intelligent, knowledgable, engaging, humorous and I loved the opportunities to network with other participants/ who are now my "Sistas for life" thank you for allowing me to be involved in something bigger then myself and my little world, lol. I am excited about the next Romiromi wananga, it already has been a life changing experience for me, I am excited about the future now I am looking through eyes with more clarity. Tena koe ehoa- pai toa ra xxxxx
Mōrena Charlotte
Just want to say thank you for the passion and drive you have to see our people well.
The rongoa you recommended for joint pain is a God send for my knees and my wairua. I have been blessed to overflowing and it has taken me to another lease of life which was stolen from me over 30 plus years ago.
I’ve lived with the ugly pain in my both knees where there was no longer any cushioning left between the socket joints which led to bone on bone n on top of that osteoarthritis. I was scheduled to see an orthopedic for an assessment this month but my attitude has always been, ‘if I could find another alternative rather than knee surgery and it works, that’s the road I’m going down’. Well today is the end of this month and this month I've been blessed to find the alternative, thanks to My Lord and to you.It's been 5 days on the rongoa, x1 every morning I rub on both knees n in that 5 days I've not once complained or had to endure pain. I Just had to let you Know. Ka nui te Aroha x 

 ‘I attended my first ever Maori healing/Romiromi wananga with Charlotte. A few key words - Amazing, Invaluable, thought provoking, challenged past beliefs, Inspirational, Healing, Powerful... from a professional perspective I have worked within the western medical field for 12+yrs via a local DHB in which I thoroughly enjoy but I always felt as though there was a "gap" for our whanau Tangata whenua. 

Morena Charlotte. l've had this pain in my knee for years. I walked out from seeing you with no pain. Unbelievable. I've never felt this perfect for such a long time. Thank you again 🙏

Anytime I have a health issue, I post it up on facebook and a few of my friends will make suggestions. An old friend, Charlotte reached out and offered me a healing session. I agreed to do an online session and it was truly a great experience. Charlotte had a gentle way of helping me to understand how our body internalises early trauma and the lockdown was a catalyst for a lot of the anxiety I was experiencing. Hence everything was blocked up.

Since having the session I have been more grounded and calmer. I followed her advice around my diet, appreciating my body for what it does for me and have been remembering to breathe deeply. I was also having counselling sessions that my GP prescribed. Those were helpful but I shared with the counsellor that my session with Charlotte had been really amazing and I have immediately noticed changes in how I am reacting to things that trigger me. The Coyote spirit came through in the session and a day later I picked up a book at the local cafe called ‘The Trickster’ This was confirmation for me. Thank you Charlotte for your amazing healing session. 

I have been a massage therapist for many years Charlotte. I would have to say  that session was just the best I have ever had. Wow! Carly. Hastings

Thank you so much for my amazing massage treatment you gave me on Wednesday afternoon. I feel so much better. A lot lighter and not in so much pain. Kate A. Hastings

When I came to you Charlotte, my pain level was at an 8. After one session with you, my pain level went down to a 5 and stayed like that for 5 days. I had been having this pain for a long time and I was seeing an accupunturist, massage therapy and laser treatment each week. With each of these services, the pain came back after a few hours. I am so very grateful for the recipes of spices and health supplements that help me and for the deep bodywork that has rebalanced my body again. Now my pain level is at a 4. The rongoa you shared with me has helped me to sleep, something that has been a luxury for me over the last few years. Such a difference. Thank you so much. Hazel. Hastings.   

Your cultural supervision is the best supervision I have every had and I've had clinical supervision for over ten years at my work. Wow!  Sandra. Hastings.

 I'm feeling really great after our session - took a couple of days for my body to adjust and return to softness. Internally, I feel a part of me is no longer wounded, but ready and available, so thank you for being the vessel to help me release unwanted energies. Lisa. Napier

Wow! What can I say? I didn't know I was so heavy. I don't even know why I was crying. Such a huge release. I feel so light. Les. Napier                                                           

                                                           Amazing Charlotte. No more pain. Thank you so much!  Amy. Hastings

 I just wanted to thank ...  Charlotte as my cultural supervisor,  I didnt realise how unwell I was once I started to open up and off load what I have been carrying.  After having my second session with Charlotte ... I felt a huge weight come off me and the professional manner in which my session was with Charlotte was excellent.  I felt my mana had been restored and I was able to hold my head high again regardless of my physical ailments as it corrected this area too, in many ways. C. C.

Im in good holistic health now and I feel much better all round.  I do give thanks every day that the universe brought you into my life and opened up a whole new way of managing my health and wellbeing.  Tino nui rawa atu nga mihi ki a koe mo tou kaha, aroha, tautoko i runga i te oranga o te iwi."  Ani W. Wellington

"I have bodywork all over the world and Charlotte would
have to be the best I have ever come across."
Kevin B. Wellington

"Simply superb bodywork."
Joe F. Gisborne

"Charlotte, I haven't been able to find anyone as good
as you even in the whole of Europe."
Kim S. Napier

"168 hours in a week and all week I look forward to
the one hour that you work with me."
Pete C. Brisbane


I first met Charlotte in 2004 when I was working at Awhina Whanau Services, a kaupapa Maori counselling service based in Hastings.She would travel weekly from Wairoa to attend our services where she provided mirimiri/romiromi and massage to staff and whaiora. This was something that the staff looked forward to as part of our self-care and healing. Having Charlotte available to provide healing for whaiora and staff was very valuable in assisting with taha wairua, taha tinana, taha hinengaro and taha whanau.  I had regular weekly mirimiri and or romiromi for over a period of months where she assisted me with my own healing journey. Charlotte is very skilled, professional and has a great sense of humour with an in depth knowledge of traditional Maori healing. She has expertise which is rare in this day and age. I have been privileged to wananga with Charlotte who was and is very generous in sharing her knowledge. Barbara N. Psychotherapist.


"The best that I have ever had."
John D Auckland


I have known Charlotte for about 12 years or so, primarily through her mahi / work in healing massage or mirimiri, but also as a friend.  She deals with her mahi in a holistic manner, informing people as to the importance of breathing, natural nutrition, exercise, environment, stress management, etc., on the optimum well-being of all people by way of a newsletter, including those with whom she works.  Charlotte's actual mirimiri mahi is surprisingly effective beyond the actual physical benefits and encompasses spiritual healing in a down-to-earth manner as well.  Over the years, I have seen Charlotte do her mahi in a variety of places eg. in homes, on marae, at health hui, as part of health conferences including international indigenous health conferences, etc.  I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Charlotte.  Christine Te Ariki. Hastings.


'Your sessions helped my wife and I while we were
going through our marriage break up. Thank you.'
Len W. Te Araroa


I am writing in support of Charlotte Mildon’s service with traditional Maori healing. WIT (Whatever It Takes) is the largest mental health service provider outside hospital services in Hawke’s Bay. Our service has more than 200 clients, 68 percent of whom are Maori. Over the years we have used innovative models to deliver services and in 2007 were awarded the Australasian Housing Institute’s annual award for innovation in support solutions.

We used Charlotte Mildon’s services for a range of issues while Charlotte was practising in Hawke’s Bay. Our staff used Charlotte’s mirimiri for supervision and clients used her services for healing. We also referred people externally from our service.

We still talk of some results from Charlotte’s work that were quite remarkable. In one instance, a client who had used intensive inpatient services for decades was able to resolve issues round sexual abuse. The client was using intensive resources with many organisations. After Charlotte’s treatments, the woman moved completely away from mental health services and has been stable since. Interestingly, she was not Maori, which gives evidence Charlotte’s treatments are cross-cultural.

Our staff also reported major benefits from the mirimiri that linked to traditional Maori concepts such as wairua. I do not hesitate in recommending Charlotte’s services and hold hope that most mental health services will offer mirimiri in the future as an adjunct to traditional clinical services. Doug Banks. G Manger WIT


"Charlotte, your professionalism and ethical methods when
dealing with clients are exemplary in every way."
Te Aroha H. Hastings


I have worked with Charlotte Mildon on many occasions over the years, particularly during our wananga time with our Elder and Tohunga, Hohepa De La Mere or Papa Joe as he was fondly known.  For the past 16 years I have journeyed the world teaching our traditional healing arts and holding one on one body work sessions with people. I was inspired to ask Charlotte to travel with us (myself and my son Terence) and share her work as well. The reason for this, was that I saw the levels of excellence she had in her work. There was a pride (without ego), and a joy (from the heart) to serve and honour people in their body work thus aiding their healing. An ability to make people feel welcome is a trait that many Maori have and do automatically. I had full trust in her ability and delivery of our traditional healing arts. Atarangu Muru.


"Charlotte has always conducted herself with the
utmost integrity displaying client respect and attentiveness
equaled only by her extensive knowledge and skill in her field and training in healing."
Mark C. Brisbane


I am pleased to say we found that Charlotte was well respected and professional in her time with us and was well thought of by her clients. We were sad to see her leave Gisborne (as I'm sure were her clients).I would welcome Charlotte back to our clinic should she decide return to Gisborne. Gary Simmons. Health 2000 Gisborne



Here are just a few comments from the Wairuatanga Wananga participants:

A lifetime experience will never be forgotten

I found this course to be an absolutely magical experience.

Pai rawa atu tenei wananga. Enjoyed it very much.
Ka Mau te wehi.
A wonderful course of learning.
Keep up the awesome mahi.
Fantastic. Worth every second.
Would love to do another course. 
A wonderful experience.

Wow! What an amazing experience.
Great. Learnt much. Felt really connected.
A place to heal and be healed.
The knowledge learned excellent.
Kia ora to the tutors and organisers.
Ahakoa ko iti te pounamu,
Kua nui te taonga I tuku iho ki ahau.
Have had a wonderful enlightening 2 days.
The rito of the harakeke, kei te pua wai.
Powerful. Clear. Awesome. Wonderful. Inspiring

"In the latter part of last year, I was privileged to have been a participant on the Wananga presented by Ms Charlotte Mildon and her associates. I found the courses to be both beneficial and enlightening. I developed a greater knowledge and understanding of the Maori culture in a communal living setting. I learned a range of strategies of dealing with physical, emotional and spiritual stressors. In particular, I have been able to experience in myself and to witness in others, the personal healing power of Pacifika Bodywork. By giving and receiving this massage, I was able to receive personal healing and to facilitate it in others. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in enhancing their personal well-being."

D De Witt (MA Counselling Psychology)
Registered Psychologist.
Gisborne. 2003

Gisborne 9 day Workshop 2003
Photograph by Charlotte Mildon
Tairawhiti Wananga Series
August - December 2003

"I fully endorse Wairuatanga workshops as being a magical spiritual healing experience. I have taken part in a number of healing workshops over some years and this series far surpasses anything I have ever done. I now have a much more in depth understanding of Maori protocol, healing and rituals. I have benefited greatly and so have my family and friends as I use techniques learnt in the workshops.


Charlotte Mildon, the coordinator and the instructors were all very professional and approachable. There was a real feeling of connection and support between the participants. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful experience."

Yvonne Findlay
Director, Findlay Breads

This is a testimonial from Mihi Wilson who came to see us from Tauranga earlier this year 2007 because she had blocks in her creativity which was affecting her art work. Well done Mihi.

Kia ora Charlotte and whanau,

No words can express the amazing change in my life.  OK! at first I have to admit I was the big skeptic about the whole process as initially I walked into your home as the observer and active supporter for my man and his need to be healed.  Man oh man was I in for a rude awakening when that healing extended over to me as well.  Hehehe!

So after the worst pain imaginable and at the same time the most amazing spiritual experience I've ever been involved with, in terms of another form of healing, and allowing myself to be free enough to experience it, skepticism no longer an option and put aside, I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

I've asked myself over and over again, what the hell happened that day, my goodness I honestly thought i was going to die. The following days after that session have totally eliminated all previous skepticism and doubt from inside my over thinking analytical brain.

I have a new lease of life.  I have increased my water consumption, am eating healthier, am jogging (me the queen of sloths) and my relationships are healthier, I'm happier on a very spiritual level and I still have pains in my shoulders and back but am different in many, many ways.

I have been playing my guitar, singing and have painted over 17 pieces of artworks over the past few days. I'm still smoking but will work on that one.  My stress levels have decreased and i feel great.

No words can express the appreciation and admiration i feel towards you and your lovely whanau and of course my tipuna who guided me through this path of healing.  I am so positive about the future.  I am in complete conflict over coming back to you but I know I will because I'm imperfect and still haven't learned that neutral place so as not to carry other people's hurts and pain and there is still healing to undergo but all in good time  

About the creative block...gone, gone, on that note thank you, thank you, thank you.

I will keep in touch.

To you and your family, may all things go accordingly and may you know that you have done so much good in my life.

Piki te ora...ka nui aroha

Mihi Wilson


The following picture below was taken at the International Indigenous Womens Wellness Conference. From the back row - left to right are the practising 'Te Oomai Reia' Tohunga trained by Papa Hohepa Delamere - No Whitianga; Christine Melligan/Whakatane, Charlotte Mildon/Wairoa, Nella Bluett/No Whakatane and our trainee Moana Hutana from Heretaunga. Sponsored by the Harata Meretana Ma Trust, these women had the honour of doing healing work with women from all over the world.


These are just a few of the comments we received while working at the 'Aotearoa Indigenous Women & Wellness' conference in Flaxmere, Hastings. November 2004. It certainly was an honour to be able to work with and access the wisdom of the indigenous medicine women who attended this conference. Our ancestors brought us together so that we could become one with the universe on many levels, to create the 1000 year vision for our children and grandchildren yet to come.

This testimonial is from Cherie Kurarangi Kara - Community Events Co-ordinator, Public Dreams Trust, Box 1368, Hastings. Phone (06) 873 0041 Ext 820 Mobile 021 254 0434.


Kia Ora Charlotte,


Just wanted to once again thank you for your amazing work with my baby Pikikura, at the Indigenous Women's Wellness conference, November 2004.

Pikikura was born 14 weeks premature at a birth weight of only 900grams her medical history included massive breathing difficulties or Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) because of her immature lungs. She was unable to be sustained by herself and required CPAP, multiple apnoea and bradycardia, other serious diagnosis included cerebral palsy the seriousness of which was yet to be determined, and most babies born at her gestation 89% do have a mild case.

Since your therapy with her she has astounded her neonatology team and pediatrician Russell Wills by making remarkable physical advancements in her abilities and learning. Her only current issue at present is plagiocephaly, a condition which can be caused by torticollis, which means the neck muscles are too tight, have inadequate tone, or are shorter on one side than the other, causing the head to tilt one way while the chin points in the opposite direction.

As a mother who has been through extreme traumas with a child and who has been told by conventional medicine that "there is nothing more we can do" no words I could ever say would explain or give enough value to what it is you have done for her, she has exceeded the expectations of not just her medical professionals but myself as well even with all the hope and admiration I had previously held for her.

I can only truly say that you have a gift and children with any ailments would be ever so lucky to be in your loving hands.

God bless you

I thank you I thank you I thank you Ö

Pikikura Kara's mummy



'I feel like I've been born again. I had a stroke which restricted the use of my arm. I have been waiting for an operation that costs $5000 and the work I received there with you women has given me back all movement in my arm. I just couldn't get over it. I even rang my family back home to tell them. Look at me...I can hold up my arm, I couldn't do that before.'
Aotearoa Indigenous Women & Wellness Visitor from Phoenix, Arizona.



'The wairua ñ healing at the Hui was wonderful. Thank you for working on my back. The Doctors told me that my back bone would be curved like that for the rest of my life. Not even? It took some getting used to having my back bone being straight. It's been like that all my life. Thank you so much.'
Jenny Mauger.
AIWW Planning Committee - NZ
Māori Scientist



'I want to thank you Charlotte for making the time to work on our young people. That young boy you worked on could hardly walk before you women worked on him and then afterwards he was running around on the field playing and crying at the same time. That was beautiful. Thank you.'
Ejay Gillies
AIWW Convener Tai-Ohi / Tai-Tama Youth Forum
Planning Committee Member



'The most important part of the entire conference was the Mahi Ora Healing tent. When I looked over there, women would all be lined up for appointments. You were all so busy. The women who went in there, came out looking completely different and they'd all be talking about it in the wharenui. Tino Pai Rawe! '
Ngatai Huata
AIWW Conference Convenor



Papa Hohepa Delamere, our teacher, has travelled extensively around the world teaching this work.


This testimonial of 'Te Oomai Reia' is from Janice Vitavec in California.


"I met the Māori healers for the first time in California about two years ago. My experience in meeting them was very intense and carried a wide range of feelings and impressions.


Watching them do their work for the first time, I couldn't believe the energy in the room. It was bright and immense. I was instantly fascinated and afraid at the same time.


It was so beyond what I had ever seen in healing work before that I was shocked and found myself on unfamiliar ground. The ancient Maori techniques utilize tools from nature such as stones and sticks. I observed them physically and psychically restructure peoples bodies. The level of their work spans the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of existence as well the use of traditional aboriginal knowledge of astrology and acknowledgment of self in relationship to divine universal connection.


They come to California, other parts of the USA, and abroad once or twice a year. There are four people in their group and they work as a team during the sessions. The leader of the team is "Papa Joe" a very large man in both size and heart, there is also his wife Joanna, Atarangi Muru and her husband Billy.


My first time receiving their work, Papa Joe worked on me alone, as I was nervous he guided me toward emotional balance with deep focused breathing. I began to open myself to the energy of his work and from there smoothly dived in to the deep and subtle levels of myself until I came to a heightened consciousness in which each breath felt like pure bliss. This is the level of their work. I have been fortunate to study with them the last few times that they have come to the USA, their guidance and techniques come in to my work in amazing ways and I find that the level of my trust in my knowledge of what needs to be done is tenfold. I am so glad to be hosting them here at Spirit Winds School and to be of service to them in passing on their knowledge which is so needed in the world."


-   Janice Vitavec