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Struggling with dull aches and chronic pain is no fun. It can cause added stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. With over 30 years of experience in bodywork and healing, Charlotte uses various bodywork techniques, accupressure and stretches to relieve physical and emotional pain. Charlotte can also recommend dietary changes, hydration together with health supplements to relieve inflammation, feed the bones and clean the organs ... to get your body working at optimum levels again. Click on the Testimonials page for feedback about Charlotte's work. 
Mirimiri is an ancient Māori healing modality that uses spiritual healing energy and intuitive diagnosis to manipulate those emotional experiences that are trapped in the memory of your body. Gentle bodywork relaxes the muscles, unclutters the mind, releases emotional anxiety and relieves aches and pains so you can let go of those unwanted energies that no longer serve you ... with ease. 
Romiromi is a sacred Māori healing art that can bring about life changing shifts in just one session. Using mirimiri (spiritual manipulation of energy), taa miri (intuitive diagnosis), ancient takutaku (incantations) and romiromi brings up patterns, beliefs, trauma, painful memories and unresolved grief that are held deep in the cellular memory of the body.This ancient Māori healing process releases, re-balances and restores the orginal blueprint of holistic wellbeing. Kohatu - (greenstone), rakau (wood) and wai (water) are also used in this healing process.  
The IONIC FOOT Detox Spa Cleanse
The 40 minute Ionic FOOT Detox SPA Cleanse is a foot bath detoxification system that can  detoxify the organs and body systems to get rid of heavy metals, accumulated wastes and toxins. Most people are unaware that some of the worst toxins we can ingest are put into everyday foods that we buy at the supermarket that have additives and preservatives or pesticides that are in bread and processed foods. In our home environment, we are ingesting toxins, smog, fungicides, cleaning solvents with significant sources of heavy metals, aluminium and lead found in deodorants and lipsticks. Amalgam dental fillings contain 50% mercury that vaporizes and enters the body. Furniture at home, clothing, carpets, seat covers, mattresses or couches have flame retardants that have toxic heavy metals. Pharmaceutical drugs and antacids use heavy metals and aliminium as binding agents and some flu vaccines have a mercury base.  E-cigarettes have a flavouring chemical called cadmium; a heavy metal that can cause neurological damage, kidney disease and mental disorders. Our air is also polluted with heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury that we breathe in, on a daily basis. Those who live close to highways or traffic inhale lead from car exhaust fumes and nickel from diesel exhaust fumes. Unfortunately, we have been exposed to thousands of heavy metals and toxic substances every day, some of us for a lifetime. 
An Ionic Foot Detox is designed to detoxify and balance your electromagnetic fields;  a combination of invisible electric and magnetic fields of force that are generated through electricity. Using warm water opens the pores in your feet. When salt is added to the warm water, sodium and chloride ions float freely in the water which causes an electrical charge. This electrolysis process acts like a magnet to negative ions that pull and draws out toxins, heavy metals and poisons out of the body through the pores in your feet. All the body's organs, including the intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and the immune system, can become stimulated to work better. Normally, the body will get rid itself of toxins through sweating, urination or defecation. When the body eliminates toxins and wastes, swelling, edema or inflammation decreases so the body can repair itself, reducing pain in the muscles and joints. The body continues to detoxify up to 48 hours after the ionic foot detox session as well. The detoxification process balances your electromagnetic fields, removes toxins, decreases pain and inflammation, improves organ function, balances and gives you more energy, restores vitality, increases mental clarity, clears your skin, and helps you to build a stronger immune system.
The Foot Detox Spa is $40 which will take approxiamately 35 mins. Add $10 or 10 mins if you would like a foot massage as well after your foot detox.  This foot detox spa can improve:
  • Liver and kidney function
  •  General circulation and metabolism
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sore feet and skin problems
  • Mercury and heavy metal toxicity
  • Well being and balance of the whole body
  • Menstrual Pain
For that unique present for a family member purchase a 'gift for you' voucher online for that special present that shows how much you care.  
If you meet the criteria for the Hawkes Bay Health Mental Health Program, you can ask your doctor to refer you to Charlotte Mildon - AIO Healing for funded sessions through the local PHO.
If you are in the low income bracket or receive a disability allowance for beneficiaries, please make contact with Charlotte about a community session.  
A Patreon page offers online video tutorials with  real life examples of  taa miri, koo miri, mirimiri and romiromi. Link into the third eye and have access to takutaku that show the whakapapa of some of the divine feminine. Be a channel for the ancestral healing and learn some of the spiritual ethics to keep you safe in your healing work. For as little as $5 USD per month, a little over $1 NZD a week, you will have access to learning about Te Oomai Reia romiromi via Paypal. Click on this link to see more information:
For information about traditional Maori healing sessions, please click on 'Te Oomai Reia'. 

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Charlotte is based in Hastings but travels to different areas nationally to provide workshop training in Maori healing and professional development in holistic self care as a practitioner

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Nga mihi mahana (warm greetings) - Charlotte Mildon

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