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PDF eBOOK: Te Tohuna Kura Waka

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Book by Charlotte Mildon

In the Maori culture, the spiritual wisdom keepers have had to remain secretive for many generations, due to government legislation and the oppression of religion. Now, in this fascinating short book, Charlotte Mildon explores the prophecy of the divine feminine, sharing some of the experiential learning that has enabled her to access the source of Maori healing. 

Dr Arikirangi Turuki Rangimarie Rose Pere, Te Tohuna Kura Waka, is one of the most influential and well-respected leaders in Maori culture. She is an internationally acclaimed educator and priestess of the highest order, who unfolds the spiritual powers of being one with the tangible and intangible phenomena in the universe. 

Dr Pere shares how it is the responsibility of the Tohuna to sow the seeds of wisdom so that people may remember who they really are, as a spirit first having a physical experience on earth. As a Tohuna Kura Waka, Dr Pere plays a vital role in the return of the divine feminine with a focus on the transmission of ancient knowledge to future generations.

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